Murals and Mosaics

Panda Mural

As an artist and educator, Bonnie engages the community by providing a platform to share experiences and stories through the art making process. At the beginning of each project, She initially visits the site to specifically determine how the architecture and activity of the space will define the mural. A mural should be a celebration of what occurs in the daily lives of the teachers, students, and families involved. Her projects cultivate participants to share their own experiences and memories with each other while contributing to a collaborative effort. The result is an innovative, colorful and textural experience.

Stuart Davis Inspired Mural, Red Oak Elementary School, Highland Park, IL, 108” x 48”, acrylic on wood, 2009

The Garden, Edgewood Middle School, Highland Park, IL, 64" x 36", tile and handmade ceramics, 2003

Wright Park - Chicago 2012

School Mural

Senior Center - - Chicago 2012

Senior Center - Chicago 2013

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